Al Capone 10-10PK Jamaican Blaze Rum Filter (717519008822)

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Bar-code: 717519008822



Al Capone 10-10PK Jamaican Blaze Rum Filter

Strength: medium
Color: natural
Length: 3 1/4
Ring size: 26

The al capone jamaican blaze 10/10 is a deliciously sweet little cigar with and aromatic and flavor touch of rum. One puff of this taste treat will transport you to a tropical island far from your everyday worries and cares. Listen mon, you might be wantin’ to order up a carton today now. Al capone jamaican blaze cigarillos are hand-rolled in honduras with a premium filter and wrapped in a natural leaf wrapper, featuring aromatic rum.

The al capone cigars have become a favorite cigar brand among our patrons. They are so delectably sweet that they are not easy to refrain from. These tiny cigars are an absolute pleasure to smoke. They are hand crafted in detail and come in a number of flavors together with a filtered variety. This cigar is perfect to smoke whenever you have a craving to smoke a cigar but then have dearth of time to smoke the normal size cigars. A major plus point about these cigars is that they are reasonably priced. The menthol flavor will give you an amazing refreshing feeling. Get your hands on al capone menthol ft lc 10/10 cigars now from windy city cigars and experience the cool and invigorating flavor of menthol. Once you try these wonderful cigars, you will surely come again asking for more. And don’t worry, these cigars will not break the bank!


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