Buy American Spirit Cigarettes Wholesale Online

American Spirit cigarettes are one of the favorite brand of cigarettes for smokers, especially in the USA. They manufacture cigarettes in a number of different flavors. Customers prefer American Spirit because of their all-natural tobacco, which contributes to a more robust taste. 

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Why Natural American Spirit Cigarettes

The American Spirit cigarette company was originally founded by Bill Drake, who was an expert on tobacco cultivation. Today, American Spirit is the preferred brand of cigarettes for many smokers due to its all-organic, additive-free blends. 

American Spirit cherishes its farm relationships and uses experienced field hands to prepare the tobacco that goes into its products. The different flavors offered by American Spirit all focus on the natural taste of the tobacco and feature special blends that go all the way back to 1983. 

Depending on your needs, you can have your pick of American Spirit cigarette flavors such as the American Spirit Yellow for a balanced, long-lasting smoke, and the American Spirit Black for a rich taste that comes from the rare Perique tobacco. 

Types of American Spirit Cigarettes

  1. American Spirit Blue
  2. American Spirit Black
  3. American Spirit Dark Green
  4. And so on.


1. Where do I buy American Spirit cigarettes?

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2. Do American Spirit cigarettes have nicotine in them?

American Spirit cigarettes have 36% free-base nicotine in them. 

3. Who makes American Spirit cigarettes?

The American Spirit brand is owned by Reynolds American. Its cigarettes are made by the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company.

4. How much are American Spirit cigarettes?

You can buy a pack of American Spirit cigarettes for as low as x

5. What is the difference between American Spirit cigarettes colors?

American Spirit has different types of cigarettes which are named after colors. The American Spirit Turquoise has a full-bodied taste, the Dark Green is its menthol-flavored product, the Black has a rich, robust taste, the Yellow has a mellow one, and so on. 

6. What chemicals are in American Spirit cigarettes?

American Spirit cigarettes contain no additives and are composed of 25% more pure tobacco than other brands of cigarettes.