BackWoods 24 CT Original (071610301962)

Bar-code: 071610301962



BackWoods 24 CT Original

Quantity: 24ct
Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Natural
Manufacturer: Altadis

Backwoods Cigars , which were introduced in the U.S.A. in 1981, hit it off with cigar aficionados immediately.
Backwoods Limited Edition Black Russian Cigars by Altadis USA is by far the most exciting flavor to hit the market this year! Not only are they unique-tasting, but they?re also affordable; however, they?re not an easy find, until now of course!

Besides that, Backwoods Black Russian Cigars are packed with premium-grade tobacco and enhanced with rich coffee liquor flavor! Plus, these bad boys feature smooth hints of vodka, which certainly adds originality and character! In terms of price, well, our 24-pack box of Black Russian Cigars are a win-win, just look at the price and keep in mind, these sticks are not an easy find. With this in mind, pick up a value box today and we?ll be on our way!