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Buy Bidi Stick Disposable in Wholesale/Bulk

Are you looking for Bidi Stick disposable wholesale in the USA? Nepa Wholesale Inc., located in Florida, has been distributing Bidi Stick Disposable in Wholesale/Bulk to most of the wholesalers and retail stores in the USA.  We can provide you the Bidi Stick disposable vapes in various flavors in bulk at the best possible prices. We also provide door-to-door delivery service for your clients. Contact us today to get the quotes!

Why Buy Bidi Stick Disposable Vapes?

Bidi Stick Disposable Vape is a small, portable, and very easy-to-use prefilled premium disposable vaporizer. The Bidi Stick disposable vape is seen to be a game-changing e-liquid vaping device. You can enjoy a hassle-free vaping experience with the Bidi Stick disposable vape as it comes prefilled and does not require recharging. Since it is draw activated, you won’t need to press any buttons to activate it. 

The best thing about Bidi stick is you can enjoy multiple flavors in a single vape, as it comes in a blend of multiple flavors. Each slick and durable stick produces a smooth throat hit while still providing a high amount of nicotine.  The Bidi Stick has been rigorously developed and tested by vape users to ensure satisfaction. 

Bidi Stick Disposable Vape Flavors

  • Berry Blast: Combo of  Strawberry & Blueberry
  • Blazing Vibe: Combo of  Mango, Apple & Orange
  • Champion Juice: Combo of Mint, Ginger & Lemon
  • Dragon Venom: Combo of Dragon Fruit & Strawberry
  • Fruity Mango:  Fresh Mango
  • Icy Mango: Combo of  Mango & Menthol
  • Jungle Juice: Combo of Melon, Pineapple & Banana
  • Kickstart: Combo of  Blueberry & Pomegranate
  • Lush Ice: Combo of  Watermelon, Melon & Menthol.

View a list of all available flavors here.

Bidi Stick Disposable Vape Device Specification

  • e-Liquid Capacity: 1.4 ml  
  • Nicotine Strength: 6% Class A Nicotine (84mg)
  • Battery Capacity: 280 mAh Recyclable Battery
  • Design: Lightweight aluminum and innovative finish
  • Around 50 cigarettes per stick
  • Activation: Draw activated buttonless vape pen
  • No of Puffs: Approximately 500 Puffs


FAQs Regarding the Bidi Stick Disposable Vape Pen

How many puffs does a Bidi disposable vape pen provide?

A Bidi disposable vape pen provides around 500-600 puffs, which is equivalent to 50 cigarettes. Isn’t that amazing?

1. How much does a Bidi stick disposable vape pen cost?

The Bidi disposable vape pen wholesale price depends on your order quantity. The higher the number of orders, the better will be the rates. To get the rates, you can send us your order quantity through our website, email, or just give us a call. We will get back to you with the best possible rates.

2. How many bidi sticks come in a box?

Bidi sticks come in two different packing options 18 CT and 10 PK.

3. Where to buy Bidi Stick?

You can buy Bidi Stick disposable vape pens at very attractive prices at Nepa Wholesale Inc. You can browse through our E-cig and vape device collection here. We cater to all the wholesalers and retailers in the USA.

4. Can a Bidi Stick disposable vape pen be refilled?

Since the Bidi Stick disposable vape pen comes with prefilled premium e-liquid, you won’t have to go through the hassle of refilling it. Just enjoy it to the fullest and throw it away when you are done. 

5. How to recharge a Bidi Stick disposable vape pen?

Just like any other disposable vape device, the Bidi Stick disposable vape pens do not require recharging as they cannot be reused once the liquid finishes.