Blunt Ville 25 CT Grape (819721010355)

Bar-code: 819721010355



Blunt Ville 25 CT Grape

Brand: Bluntville
Ring Gauge: 30
Length: 5
Shape: Cigarillo
Quantity: 25
Package Type: Upright
Flavor: Grape

Experience a delightful smoking experience with these Bluntville Grape cigars. The fruity taste of grapes, integrated with premium quality tobacco makes these cigars the perfect choice for an after dinner smoke with friends. Bluntville Grape cigars come with double wrappers, which give smokers the choice to either remove the outer wrapper for a quick smoke, or retain the wrapper and enjoy a slower burn.

A natural wrapper is used for covering the homogenized binder, and it helps maintain the flavor consistency and keeps the cigar texture smooth. These cigarillos are 5 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 30. Bluntville Grape cigars are available in packs of 25 singles, and come in “EverFresh” packaging, which keeps them as fresh as humidified cigars. Manufactured and distributed by National Honey Almond Inc, these machine made cigars have gained considerable popularity since the time of their launch.


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