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Bob Marley Rolling Paper

Bob Marley Rolling Papers are the essential companion of smokers. People like to have some variety in the way they light up their herb, and most habitual smokers have a particular preference. So, you definitely need to have the Bob Marley Rolling Papers in your store shelves.

This is a classic choice of rolling paper made of 100% hemp with the face of Bob Marley printed on the cover. It is simply a nice thing to have around when you’re having a smoke sesh. Not to mention, these papers are universally praised by smokers for having a smooth, even burn. 

Why Bob Marley Rolling Paper?

Bob Marley Rolling Papers offer 100% hemp rolling papers for herb smokers looking for a fully organic experience. Made in Spain, Bob Marleys show an utmost dedication to the organic lifestyle. They are known to have very little glue because they want to limit the addition of anything in their products that is not strictly essential. 

The end result, when combined with the Spanish expertise, is a smooth, even burn that is praised by all smokers. Despite being made of 100% organic hemp, Bob Marley papers have a very thin construction to provide the best smoking experience. You will be able to perfectly taste the flavor terpenes in your herb of choice.

Depending on your needs, you can get Bob Marley rolling papers in a variety of sizes such as the standard 1 ½, King Size, and the 50-50. 

Buy Bob Marley Rolling Paper in Wholesale

Bob Marley Rolling Papers are a common choice of rolling paper for smokers and a top seller at dispensaries. So, get your supply from Nepa Wholesale — we offer the most competitive rates to wholesalers and retailers around the globe. That is, anywhere except areas where hemp products are prohibited.

Bigger orders come with bigger perks such as special discounts. Orders above $500 are shipped for free, and local customers can choose to pick up their orders themselves. So, what are you looking for? Create an account right now, upload your business license, and you’ll be ready to order soon after receiving the login details from us. 


1. What are Bob Marley papers made of?

Bob Marley Rolling Papers are renowned for their fully organic products made of 100% hemp. 

2. How much do Bob Marley papers cost?

You can get Bob Marley papers at the most competitive prices from us, with special discounts for bulk orders. Get in touch with us for more details. 

3. How long is Bob Marley papers?

Bob Marley Rolling Papers are available in a variety of standard sizes including 1 ¼ and King Size. You can get them all from Nepa Wholesale at the best possible rates. 

4. How many rolling papers come in a Bob Marley Box?

Bob Marley papers are available for purchase in a variety of packing options including the 24-pack box, the 25-pack box, and the 50-pack box.