About Brocone

What is so special about BroCone rolling paper? Our rolling papers are natural light-brown in color as they contain unbleached hemp fibres of the hybrid blend. These semis translucent and chlorine-free papers are so thin that you can see through each of its leaves! Furthermore, each of the papers is so produced that they help prevent runs and thereby providing you with an even- burning experience.

These days, people who smoke weed, prefer rolling joints. At BroCone, we let you o just that. We provide you with endless options so that your smoking experience will be like no other. Using rolling paper is becoming popular than ever before for a reason. What is that reason? Well, it is far cheaper to roll your smoke. Also, all you need is a rolling paper, a lighter, and a weed grinder    (if you are someone that wants to go about the process of rolling perfectly!).

BroCone rolling papers are among the best ones in the industry and have a huge following. To make sure your smoking experience with our papers is the best, we provide you with lots of varieties and flavours. Irrespective of the sizes you wish to try, expect the one matching your needs with us.

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