Butterfinger 18-3.7 Oz King Size (099900100781)

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    • Butterfinger 2 Piece Share Size
    • Crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery
    • Trans Fat 0g per serving
    • Gluten Free
    • 7 oz bar
    • 18 ct
    • 18 bars – 3.7 ounces each
    • Kosher
    • The 18 count pack of Butterfinger king-size candy bars is convenient to bring to small gatherings
    • King-size candy bars are almost double the size of full-size candy bars
    • Can be used as a topping or secret ingredient in baked goods
    • The only thing better than a Nestle? Butterfinger? candy bar is the Butterfinger King Size Bar (3.7 oz., 18 ct.). Bigger is certainly better when it comes to this crispy, crunchy, peanut butter and chocolate candy bar. The Butterfinger candy bar was welcomed into this world by Otto Schnering in 1923. The peanut butter centered and chocolate covered treat has maintained its position as a favorite among the king-size candy bars in the United States. This convenient bulk pack of the Butterfinger King Size Bar knocks full-size candy bars out of the park.
    • The pack of king-size Butterfinger bars is a great product to bring to small gatherings like a work meeting. It is best to bring enough for everyone that will be there because it is unlikely anyone will want to share their king-size Butterfinger.
    • The Butterfinger king-size candy bars are almost double the size of full-size candy bars. A king-size Butterfinger is 3.7 ounces while a full-size butter finger is only 2.1 ounces.
    • Yes, they do. However, the Butterfinger King Size Bar pack consists only of the original Butterfinger in the king-size form.
    • A creative way to make peanut butter cupcakes is definitely to add some Butterfinger candy bar to the recipe. To keep things simple, you could bake your favorite type of peanut butter cupcake, frost with peanut butter frosting then add smaller cut up pieces of Butterfinger as a topping. If you want to get more creative, though, you could roughly chop up the king-size Butterfinger candy bars into small pieces and add these pieces to your peanut butter cupcake batter mix. To be sure that the cupcakes still rise and bake as normal, try to only add enough chopped Butterfinger so that each cupcake has two to three pieces. The batter should still be easy to stir, not stiff with too many clumps.


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