Game 2 for $0.99 Silver (031700009833)

Bar-code: 031700009833



Game 2 for $0.99 Silver

Brand: Garcia y Vega
Ring Gauge: 30
Length: 4 3/4
Shape: Cigarillo
Quantity: 60
Package Type: Upright
Flavor: Silver

Game Cigarillos Silver features a distinct blend of all natural tobacco fillers infused with the refreshing essence of fruity blue flavor finished with an all natural leaf wrapper. These mild bodied cigarillos are flavorful and aromatic and just the right size to smoke any time of day. The flavors are preserved in the easy to carry resealable foil pouches that house two cigars in each. Game Cigarillos Silver are a limited edition flavor perfect for summertime relaxation!

Add a dash of much needed variety to your smoking sessions with Game Cigarillos Silver cigars. These machine made cigars are made with premium quality tobacco leaves, which sets them apart from other cigars of their kind. The fruity, grape flavor used in the cigars brings a tinge of sweetness to the smoke, and makes them appealing to even the most casual of smokers. The homogenized binder used to keep the filler in place is encased in a natural wrapper. Apart from adding a sweeter profile to the smoke, the wrapper also significantly improves flavor on multiple levels, amplifying the intensity of your smoking experience. Game Cigarillos Silver are packaged in convenient foil pouches with 30 packs of two cigars in each unit.