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Buy Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers and Pre-rolled Cones Wholesale

If you’re looking to stock up your store shelves with the famous Juicy Jay’s rolling papers and pre-rolled cones, Nepa Wholesale is the perfect place to look. We offer bulk sales of Juicy Jay’s products at the most competitive rates, all over the globe! 

As the most popular brand of flavored rolling papers and cones out there, Juicy Jay’s is an essential product at every herb store. Choose us if you want to make large orders of Juicy Jay’s in a variety of packaging options. We will offer you special rates based on the size of your order.

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Why Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers and Pre-rolled Cones

Juicy Jay’s is the number one choice of any herb enthusiast looking to add a dash of flavor to their smoking experience. Their products are made of pure hemp and feature attractive graphics which are greatly enjoyed by fans. Along with that, Juicy Jay’s uses natural sugar gum and comes with a myriad of flavors. 

Basically, Juicy Jay’s is the classic choice for anyone on the market for flavored rolling papers and cones. Juicy Jay’s are available in the standard 1 ¼ size or King-sized depending on your needs. 

You can find different packaging options for this brand to stock your shelves, such as the 24-pack boxes or the 6-pack box for the Large Juicy Jay’s papers. 

Available Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers Flavors

The most attractive part of Juicy Jay’s rolling papers is the numerous flavors you can get for it. Here are a few of them: 

  1. Banana
  2. Blueberry
  3. Cotton Candy and many more

Available Juicy Jay’s Pre-rolled Cones Flavors

  1. Grapes Gone Wild
  2. Mango Papaya
  3. Tropical Passion and so on.


1. What are Juicy Jay’s rolling papers made of?

Juicy Jay’s rolling papers are made from pure hemp and use natural sugar gum. The classic design patterns found in Juicy Jay’s flavored papers are also totally safe and use soy ink. 

2. Where can I buy Juicy Jay’s rolling papers and cones?

Nepa Wholesale is the best online store for bulk purchases of Juicy Jay’s products. Deliveries are available worldwide, except in areas where the sale of flavored rolling papers is banned.