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Buy Juicy Hemp Wraps in Wholesale

Juicy Hemp Wraps are another popular choice among the smokers. This is because the Juicy Hemp Wraps provide a premium smoking experience at very affordable prices.

Do you want to buy Juicy Hemp Wrap in wholesale? If yes, you’ve reached the right destination. Nepa Wholesale Inc. have been distributing Juicy Hemp Wraps to wholesalers and retailers in the USA for a decade.  At Nepa Wholesale, you can buy Juicy Hemp Wraps in wholesale at very competitive prices. Higher your order quantity, lower will be the price. 

Why Juicy Hemp Wraps?

The best thing about the Juicy Hemp Wraps is that they do not contain tobacco. They are made from 100% pure hemp. So, these wraps are popular among the people who are trying to switch from tobacco based products like cigars or cigarettes.

With Juicy Hemp Wraps, one can reduce tobacco consumption with equal level of satisfaction. You can also choose among six wonderful flavors while enjoying a perfect smoking experience.

Juicy Hemp Wraps Flavors

  1. Tropical Passion
  2. Black N Blueberry
  3. Grapes Gone Wild
  4. Natural
  5. Strawberry Fields
  6. Mango Papaya



1.How to use Juicy Hemp Wraps?

Juicy Hemp Wraps work as an alternative to rolling papers. In order to use these wraps, all you need to do is roll them just like any other rolling paper. You might have to use a bit of saliva to seal the fillings inside the roll.

2. Where can I buy Juicy Hemp Wraps?

If you are looking for Juicy Hemp Wraps in the USA, you can contact Nepa Wholesale Inc. We are one of the largest distributors of Juicy Hemp Wraps in the USA. If you are a wholesaler or retailer of Juicy Hemp Wraps in the USA, you can always contact us. 

3. Do Juicy Hemp Wraps contain nicotine?

Since the Juicy Hemp Wraps are made from 100% pure hemp, they don’t contain nicotine. So, these wraps are ideal for people who are trying to quit smoking tobacco products.