Kids Mania 12ct Laser Pop (686464528207)

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Kids Mania 12ct Laser Pop

Project fun shapes like hearts, eyeballs, smiley faces, kitty faces, stars, and soccer balls with these light projecting candy rods. Works up to 10 feet indoors in normal lighting and even further in the dark! Assortment includes 3 fabulous lollipop flavors: Blue Raspberry Rage, Cherry Blast, and Strawberry Burst. Sucker Dimensions- Length: 5 1/8 Inches Diameter: 1 Inch Display box contains 12 Laser Projector Lollipops. Kosher Certified.

    • Kidsmania Laser Pop Projector Candy Lollipop (Pack of 12).
    • Strawberry, blue raspberry and cherry flavors.
    • Pressing the button on the side of the pop projects a safe “laser” light image on any surface.
    • A Powerful, One-Step Bowl Cleaner That Cleans, Deodorizes, and Disinfects


Warranty: Fresh Till Packaged Date.


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