Kids Mania 12ct Ooze Tube (686464588201)

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Kids Mania 12ct Ooze Tube

OOZE TUBE from Kidsmania. This is a 12 count box with 3 oozing sweet flavors per box. Green Apple, Cherry and Blue Raspberry each tube is a 4.0 oz. Filled with delicious oozing fun, get your favorite flavor or mix them together to create your own unique flavor.

    • Kidsmania Ooze Tube — Pack of 12 Tubes.
    • Includes 12 tubes. Each tube is a whopping 4 oz!
    • Three flavors — green apple, blue raspberry and cherry.


This little oozing tube contains delicious sour goo that is sure to win you a favor or two! Complete with three fruity flavors, kids will be asking to try them all!

Warranty: Fresh Till Packaged Date.


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