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Buy OCB Rolling Papers and Cones Wholesale 

OCB is an essential brand of rolling papers for any herb enthusiast. They produce high-quality products that cover all essential choices, such as the OCB 1 1/4, the OCB Slim, the OCB X-Pert, and the OCB Hemp. 

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You can choose between a variety of packaging options according, which is essential for any retailer or wholesaler. Some options include the 25-pack OCB Ultimate 1 ¼, the 32-pack OCB Ultimate Slim, and there are many more that you can find. 

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Why OCB Rolling Papers and Cones

The history of OCB goes all the way back to the 19th century, when its first paper mill was built on the banks of the Odet river. Two hundred years later, OCB is making some of the best rolling papers in the market with fully organic materials. 

OCB products are made from 100% natural and GMO-free materials, with fully organic gum from African Acacia trees. Their papers are of top-notch quality, with a super thin and slow-burning design. All OCB rolling papers come with a special watermark design that allows them to burn evenly. 

This company offers a variety of products that fulfill all the needs of your customers. Products such as OCB Bamboo, OCB Premium, and OCB Hemp cover the common paper materials popular among smokers. Similarly, you get a variety of sizes with OCB papers and cones.

You can order the standard 1 ¼ size papers, single wide sizes, as well as king-sized paper and cones. 

Available Flavors of OCB Rolling Papers 

  1. OCB Virgin King Unbleached
  2. OCB Hemp
  3. OCB Ultimate
  4. OCB Bamboo
  5. And so on

OCB Pre-rolled Cones Flavors

  1. OCB Bamboo 1 ¼ Unbleached Cones
  2. OCB Bamboo King Size Unbleached Cones
  3. OCB Virgin King Size Cones
  4. And so on


1. What does OCB rolling papers stand for?

The OCB brand name is a direct reference to the 200-year history of this premium rolling paper company — the Odet river, where its first paper mill was established in 1822, Cascedec, where another paper mill became the first OCB factory, and the Bollore family which started this company. 

2. How to use OCB rolling papers and cones?

OCB rolling papers are packed in booklets of 50 papers, packed in a standard overlapping design. They are ready to use right out of the box with fully organic african gum to seal in your roll. You can also get the OCB cones which are pre-rolled cones that simply need to be filled up with the desired herb. 

3. What sizes are OCB rolling papers available in?

You can get OCB products in a variety of popular sizes. These include the standard 1 ¼ size, the single wide, the Slim, the King Size, and more. You can find these sizes of OCB papers and pre-rolled cones at the Nepa Wholesale store.