Purchase Optimo Cigars Wholesale

Optimo cigars are a staple of cigar smokers everywhere. With an affordable price tag and a variety of flavor options, they have a dedicated following for their all-natural products. 

Some of the popular varieties of Optimo cigars include the Optimo Cigarillos Diamond, with a bold, creamy taste, the Optimo Green with its distinctive aroma, and the smooth Optimo Silver. Optimo has a flavor for every occasion, and each flavor provides exactly what you’re looking for and more with a smooth, complex taste. 

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Why Optimo Cigars

Optimo Cigars traces its legacy back to the mecca of cigars, Cuba. It found its way to the USA at the turn of the 20th century, brought by Spanish immigrant Antonio Santaella. Over the years, the Optimo Cigars brand has grown alongside the American culture and has found itself on the shelves of corner stores in diverse communities. 

Optimos are favorites among cigar-smokers who prefer a rich, mellow, and flavorful smoke. Over the years, they have developed quite a variety of flavor-infused products that cater to the preferences of every customer out there. And all of these different cigar flavors are made of natural-leaf wrappers and tobacco fillers sourced from multiple countries. 

Available Optimo Cigars Flavors

  1. Optimo Cigarillo Diamond
  2. Optimo Cigarillo Green
  3. Optimo Cigarillo Silver
  4. Optimo Cigarillo Sweet
  5. And many more


1. How much do Optimo Cigars cost?

You can purchase a pack of 2 Optimo cigarillos at a low price of $0.99.

2. What are Optimo Cigars made of?

Optimo Cigars trace their lineage to the haven of cigar-making, Cuba. They are composed of high-quality tobacco traced from different countries known for their best tobacco and wrapped in all-natural tobacco leaf. This ensures a rich, flavorful smoke regardless of which Optimo flavor you choose. 

3. Are Optimo Cigars handmade?

Optimos are a premium choice of machine-made cigars promising the best in flavor and smoking experience.