Skittles 24-2 Oz Bright Side (022000121271)

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Skittles 24-2 Oz Bright Side

    • Box of Skittles candy
    • Includes multiples flavors
    • Great for resale
    • Enjoyable for people of all ages
    • A travel-friendly snack
    • 24 – 2 ounce packages
    • In display box for resale
    • Flavors include:
      • Kiwi Banana
      • Watermelon
      • Paradise Punch
      • Pink Lemonade
      • Tangerine


Skittles Brightside (2 oz., 24 ct.) can help you please your sweet tooth. Likewise, it can satisfy friends, family and customers. A large box like this is suitable for concession stands, convenience stores and restocking vending machines. It’s also great for handing out snacks at school, summer camp, daycare or a fun day at the beach. Keeping this in your home or the office break room can ensure that everyone is enjoying savory treats. The Skittles candy comes in a sturdy cardboard box that protects the delicate candy. This durable structure allows you to stack the candy on shelves safely.

Skittles Brightside is a sweet, chewy candy that countless people adore. Each piece is bite-size and full of fruity flavors, including kiwi banana, watermelon, paradise punch, pink lemonade and tangerine. The box arrives with a vast number of plastic packages that hold the candy. Each packet is slim, compact and lightweight so that they’re easy to carry. Thanks to this design, you can keep one in your suitcase, purse or pocket with minimal effort. When you feel like chewing sweets at the gym or on the train, you can pop Skittles candy into your mouth and curb the craving.

Sprinkling Skittles candy onto ice cream, yogurt, pudding or grits can give each snack an extra blast of flavor. Adding Skittles candy to your baked goods can make them even more delicious as well. Before you make cookies, brownies or muffins, try sticking this candy into the dough to enhance their taste.

Skittles candy has 0g of trans fat and 0mg of cholesterol in every serving, which makes it lower in fat than other snacks. It’s also gluten-free and gelatin-free.

Mars, Incorporated owns Skittles candy and produces several other popular products across many industries. It sells its goods in over 100 countries and aspires to create a safe, healthy and sustainable world. The company also contributes to local communities and works hard to reduce its environmental footprint.

Warranty: Fresh Till Packaged Date.

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