Buy Spliff House Leaf Tobacco Wraps Wholesale

True smokers know that your choice of wrapping material is equally important in having a high quality smoke. Spliff House is here to support you in just that will fully natural whole leaf tobacco wraps, ready to be used in your adventures. 

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Why Spliff House Leaf?

Smokers enjoy choices not just in their herb, but also in the material they use to roll it. All of it makes a big difference in the quality of your smoke. Some smokers want the authentic taste of the terpenes, while others are more partial to the tobacco blunt. 

Spliff House offers a simple yet highly sought-after product — whole leaf tobacco wraps. Each wrap is big enough to last you more than a few smokes. Their whole-leaf wraps are soft and pliable, perfect for rolling into a joint. On top of that, you can actually get quite a few cool points rolling a joint from an actual tobacco leaf. 

Once you move onto Spliff House wraps, you can forget all about buying and breaking down Backwoods cigars — no need to waste money and tasty cigars to fulfil your craving for a good joint. Instead, save some money by getting the authentic whole-leaf tobacco wrap from Spliff House. 

Types of Spliff House Leaf Wraps

  1. Spliff House Whole Leaf
  2. Rasta Leaf 
  3. Spliff House Cigar Wraps


1. Why do I use Spliff House tobacco wraps?

There are a number of reasons you should consider using tobacco wraps. Firstly, tobacco wraps give a distinctive taste and zing that many people prefer. Secondly, if you already enjoy making your own blunts out of corner-store cigars, then you can save money by buying Spliff House’s tobacco wrappers directly rather than salvaging the wrappers from readymade cigars.

2. How do I roll a Spliff House tobacco leaf wrap?

Spliff House tobacco leaf wraps come as cured whole leaves of tobacco, perfectly suited for rolling blunts. You need to carefully cut the leaf down its veins, and produce a diagonal section as big as you need. Then, you can simply roll it like any ordinary joint.