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Buy Stig Disposable Pod Device

The Stig Disposable is an ultracompact vape that comes pre-packed with 1.2 ml of vape juice and a full charge of battery. You can start using it right out of the box, as it has a draw-activated design. 

This is an amazingly convenient device. It is about the size of your thumb with no buttons whatsoever, making it a highly discreet choice for smokers. You can get about 300 puffs of highly flavorful puffs from each Stig Disposable vape pod. When you’re done with it, simply dispose of it in a safe way.

Manufacturers of the Stig Disposable also envisioned this product as a way to help cigarette smokers quit. Stig vapes come with a 6% nicotine salt concentration, which is equivalent to 20 cigarettes per pod. So, you will definitely feel the nicotine kick with each puff of the Stig Disposable vape.  

List of Stig Disposable Flavors 

The Stig Disposable is available in 9 mind-blowing flavors to satisfy all your cravings. This brand focuses on some really unique flavor options like:

  1. Dry Tobacco
  2. Mango Bomb
  3. Cubano
  4. Summer Strawberry

Stig Disposable Device Specifications

Puff Count: 300

Flavors: 9

E-liquid Capacity: 1.2 ml

Nicotine Strength: 6% (60 mg) Salt Nicotine

Stig Disposable in Bulk Wholesale

You can get the best prices for bulk purchases of the Stig Disposable vape at Nepa Wholesale. We offer competitive wholesale rates for retail and wholesale businesses around the globe. We can ship bulk packages of the Stig Disposable vape to your desired location, except in areas where the sale of vape products are banned. We even offer free shipping on orders above $500.

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1. Where to buy Stig Disposable pods?

You can purchase the Stig Disposable vape pods at wholesale prices from the Nepa Wholesale website. Simply create an account on the website and upload a valid business license to start making orders from our store. 

2. How many hits are in a Stig Disposable?

Each Stig Disposable vape pod will give you about 300 puffs from your desired flavor. 

3. How much does a Stig Disposable cost? 

You can log into our website to check the prices for the Stig Disposable vape device. We offer highly competitive wholesale rates for our products with attractive discounts for bigger orders.

4. How many pod devices does a Stig Disposable box contain? 

The Stig Disposable is available in packs of 3 vape pods. You can purchase boxes of 10 3-packs of this vape product from us at attractive wholesale prices.