Swisher 10-3PK Leaf Original (025900359003)

Bar-code: 025900359003



Swisher 10-3PK Leaf Original

Quantity: 10 Packs of 3
Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Natural
Manufacturer: Swisher International
Size: 4 3/8 x 28 ?
Shape: Cigarillo
Made in: Jacksonville, FL

Swisher Sweets Leaf Original is a new rustic leaf smoke by Swisher International. These cigars feature all natural tobacco fillers infused with the sweet essence of pure honey for a truly relaxing and enjoyable smoke. The wrapper is a rough around the edges Connecticut Broadleaf that adds a certain appeal to the flavor and smoking experience. The swisher Sweets Leaf Honey is delicious and aromatic and an easy to smoke cigarillo sized cigar. The box contains 30 cigars with three cigars each in easy to carry resealable foil pouches for greater convenience.