Swisher Sweet Peach Little Cigar 100s-200CT (025900289836)

Bar-code: 025900289836



Swisher Sweet Peach Little Cigar 100s-200CT

Brand:Swisher Sweets
Ring Gauge: 22
Length: 3
Quantity: 200
Package Type: Carton
Flavor: Peach

Swisher Sweets are the most popular cigars in the US. They are mild, sweet cigars that are produced with a combination of unique tobaccos. These cigars are made in the U.S, and are offered in many shapes and flavors at a very affordable price.

Swisher Sweets Peach Little Cigars are here to entice you with an uncommon flavoring of peach. This special cigar is a real treat if you are looking for a smooth drag full of an aromatic, flavorsome essence. These cigars are made from a high-quality blend of tobacco leaves which offers you an feeling you’ll want to experience time and time again. The natural wrapper used for the outer covering adds to the flavor profile of the smoke and elevates the smoking experience.

These little cigars are manufactured by US-based, premium tobacco manufacturer Swisher International Inc. The quality and satisfaction that Swisher Inc has provided since their establishment is present in every stogie. This cigar is created in lengths of 3 ? inches and has a ring gauge of 24, making them perfect to serve your needs of a quick smoke. Enjoy this cigar with a glass of wine to make any fine-dining experience more memorable and grand.


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