Buy Virginia Slims Cigarettes 

Virginia Slims is a distinctive cigarette brand with an iconic look that slightly thinner and longer than other cigarette designs. It was originally a female-oriented cigarette brand that now appeals to anyone looking for a milder, more soothing smoke. 

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Why Virginia Slims Cigarettes

Virginia Slims is set apart from other cigarette brands with its unique cigarette designs, all of which are longer and ‘slimmer’ than regular cigarettes. The brand itself was initially a women-centric one, but over the years it has maintained the unique design that gives Virginia Slims cigarettes their elegant look.

You can find Virginia Slims in both menthol and non-menthol options, with a variety of products that offer different levels of richness. All of Virginia Slims cigarettes are in the longer 100’s and 120’s sizes. They are consistently preferred by smokers who want a smoother, milder smoke. 

Types of Virginia Slims cigarettes

  1. Virginia Slims Full Flavor
  2. Virginia Slims Gold
  3. Virginia Slims Silver
  4. And so on


1. Who makes Virginia Slims cigarettes?

The Virginia Slims brand is owned by renowned tobacco group Philip Morris USA. 

2. What is Virginia Slims known for?

Virginia Slims cigarettes are known for their unique design that is slimmer and longer than most cigarettes out there.